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Introducing Zig, Singapore’s first ever integrated mobility and lifestyle platform. Think of it as a super app delivering everything needed to help people enjoy city life – rideshare, food delivery, meetups, restaurant bookings and more.

Zig was built entirely from scratch through R/GA’s multidisciplinary approach to consulting, research, design and technology. R/GA developed the business, brand, experience, product and tech stack based on rigorous research, agile design and consumer testing. All to arrive at an intuitive platform built entirely around existing and newly forming consumer behaviours.

  • Brand Vision & Strategy

  • Brand & Verbal Design

  • Product Design

  • Design System

  • Product Built and Development

  • Launch & Growth Strategy


travel app in Singapore


months from concept to public launch


satisfaction of product UX

"Most food delivery and ecommerce apps currently focus on online operators alone. Instead, what Zig and R/GA have been able to do is build an online-to-offline platform that brings what we are familiar with and use every day—mobility and transport—and make it more seamless through the provision of lifestyle services."

Zig Vice-President

Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Verbal Identity System
Visual Identity System
Photography Art Direction
Brand System Guidelines
Packaging System
Product Strategy
Product Design
Product Tone & Voice
Design System
Product Development
Product Maintance
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