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Asians-Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have faced centuries of discrimination in America, but in 2022 they found themselves living in a hostile new reality: spikes of bias and violence following the COVID pandemic and divisive political rhetoric. Procter & Gamble came to R/GA to find a creative solution that would foster empathy, acceptance, and understanding among the “movable middle” who may mean well but, through subtle actions and remarks, make Asian Americans feel excluded.

The Name launched during AAPI heritage month. We brought it to life as fully integrated campaign, which included a hero film chronicling the childhood of a Korean-American girl, Yeong Joo, as she grows up with her name. She journeys from experiencing alienation and dismissal to seeing her identity blossom through the actions of her friends, allies, and herself.

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Website visits with an average duration of 5+ minutes spent


Earned media placements


Of AAPIs felt seen and supported by “The Name”


Of Moveable Middle agreed that “The Name” helped them empathize with AAPIs

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