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Skol is Brazil’s most popular beer brand. And in recent years the brand has become a strong advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.

For years, Skol was the main sponsor of the world’s largest Pride Parade. When a competitor brand took over that spot, Skol and R/GA joined forces with Pantone, the world’s biggest authority in colors, for a very special project: to create a limited edition pack that celebrates all colors of love.

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The first step was to link up with Pantone to curate six special colors within the rainbow scale and rename them. Then, we completely redesigned the Skol cans, inspired by the iconic Pantone color cards. The result is a minimalistic yet fun design that is able to reflect the personality of two very distinguished brands. We teased the colorful Skol cans on social media and people went crazy. Pride Pack officially launched on the day of the Pride Parade and sold out in seconds.

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Skol is a love brand. So, to make things interactive for Skol lovers, we developed a code that allowed people to capture images of their love and turn it into stunning posters composed by pixels in the shape of our Pantone Skol cans. You simply uploaded your picture and pressed share to have it shown on Skol’s social media channels.

We also hacked the Pride Parade, sponsored by a Skol competitor brand, by sharing people’s love posters live on OOH spots all over Paulista Ave, where the parade takes place.

Animated Color Power Text
Animated Color Power text and Skol can
Animated Skol Pride can
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