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Despite LinkedIn being the perfect destination for GenZers to start their career and enter the job market, the reality is that lots of them spend multiple hours on TikTok and Instagram instead. But, with so much uncertainty facing them as they enter the job market (Covid, political and financial corruption, the environment), many of them are turning to astrology for guidance instead.

So, with a little help from digital influencers, and astrological social media icon Madama Brona, Linkedin Premium decided to turn the stars into a new tool, helping them kickstart their careers. With advice from artists and CEOs to professors, we created personalized professional charts for each and every student.

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”The collaboration with R/GA is always easy and fun, they have done an amazing job to understand our brand, our business challenge and our target audience, successfully creating a first of a kind campaign for LinkedIn that was well received by GenZers, really speaking their language and reflecting their tone of voice. We were very happy with the final deliverables and the attention to details specially with the visual artwork.”

Guilherme MiguelConsumer Marketing Director at LinkedIn

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