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Despite Android’s ubiquity, Google Play was struggling to stay relevant and its place in Google’s ecosystem was unclear. Play needed a clear vision for its purpose, a simplified brand architecture, and a refreshed identity that leverages Google’s strengths. We set out to develop a brand that would live up to the spirit of its name, and inspire new behaviors—particularly discovery. 

We started with Play’s own equity, the Prism, and honed in on the idea that prisms are active and multidimensional––just like actual play. So, we developed a dynamic identity that reflects all sides of play.

The new brand identity reintroduced a legacy Google product to the world, bringing clarity to Play’s role within the Google ecosystem. The new systems and standards gave the brand a unified presence; resulting in one brand, rebuilt as a single operating system. 

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand & Verbal Design

  • Design System

  • Brand Campaign

  • Global and Local Market Toolkit

Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Verbal Identity System
Visual Identity System
Photography Art Direction
Brand System Guidelines
Packaging System