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To raise awareness about Fujitsu’s Digital Twin︎ Technology for clean air, we wanted to make pollution data more visible and emotional, by delivering it in an unexpected way.

In a unique collaboration that blends technology with culinary art, we created Carbon Cakes: a collection of cakes made with the same amount of pollution we breathe in every day.

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The team behind this project had a clear vision about expressing Fujitsu’s belief that all of us play an important role in collaborating to build a more sustainable society. Working closely with the Company’s R&D division, the team set out to spark discussions about how the choices we make and the actions we take have a direct impact on the future of society. In the end, they decided to spread this message using an unlikely item—cake. This unique, memorable approach to brand marketing for B2B companies shows what’s possible when creativity is baked into Purpose.

Taeko Yamamoto, EVP CMO

Each Carbon Cake reflects levels of CO2 and PM2.5 that are gathered from environmental data via Fujitsu’s Digital Twin︎ simulations, showcasing the balance between environmental, social, and economic factors. These black, dirty, misshapen cakes, filled with pollutants, helped people visualize the tangible amount of pollution that surrounds us, stimulating real conversations around CO2 and PM2.5 reduction – with the ultimate aim to drive debate around finding solutions for change.

The Carbon Cakes were first unveiled at a high-profile event in Tokyo, set against the backdrop of the city's Terrada E Hall, on March 19th. The event went beyond showcasing the unique desserts. We hosted a panel discussion to delve deeper into the problem, along with a conversation about the solutions available to us, with experts in various fields Ian Shimizu, Kohei Saito, Gomi Hayakawa, Mai Shinuchi and Akiko Yamada.

Design played a vital role in making complex environmental, societal, and economic data both engaging and understandable, but also beautiful. Every aspect of the experience, from the unique logo, to the artisan cakes, to the event's ambiance and the intuitive data visualizations, was meticulously designed for clarity, beauty, and engagement.

The project was extensively documented on a microsite where each cake was displayed along with the digital rehearsal from which its data was derived. The campaign's website further reflects this design ethos, ensuring information is not just accessible, but also visually compelling. It's a prime example of how design can transform data into a powerful visual narrative.