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One in three Americans have a criminal record and regardless of the crime or time spent in prison, 70 million people have this stain on their record for life, making it almost impossible to get employment. This ultimately affects their ability to get housing, education and build credit when job applicants with a criminal record are half as likely to get a callback, significantly hindering their chances to successfully reenter society.

Clean Slate is an organization aiming to push legislation that would seal conviction records, so that millions can rebuild their lives and get a fresh start (not to mention it would also save the country over $87 Billion). 

With an upcoming vote by the government, Clean Slate increased positive public support around the issue with a powerful mural by the formerly incarcerated Zaki Smith to illustrate the lifetime of injustice and imbalance he has faced after he was released.

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5 states

Approved of the Clean Slate Act following the campaign

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