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Android has 3.5BN active users, 12M developers and powers the Google ecosystem, but the brand itself was static, disconnected, corporate, increasingly invisible and losing share with GenZ.

We needed to go back to Android’s foundational values of freedom and inclusivity to reassert its future. We evolved the Android brand system to be more open and adaptive— moving with them across their connected world.

We resurfaced the world’s invisible super-platform to reflect the creativity and character of every user. Taking the Android logo from a disconnected, corporate mark to a brand — that all 3.5 billion users could see themselves in and reflected the creativity and culture of where the technology lives.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand & Verbal Design

  • Global Design System

  • Global and Local Market Toolkit


Lift in Gen Z consideration

Record High

Global brand trust


Custom Bots created

"(A) brilliant example of a fast and agile decision-making and implementation process. It's remarkable how, within the space of two weeks, the company managed to adapt their digital channel to a new product, set up the entire process behind it, and start providing well-designed face masks in the midst of a pandemic. The great success confirms the decision and proves that it was the right product at the right time."

Mauricio Minas Bradesco Vice-President