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  • We are purpose

    Our purpose is to create a more human future—and we want that to show up in everything we do, be it for employees, community, or clients. We believe the greatest value comes from businesses and brands that are both high technology and high humanity.

  • We are flexible

    Our hybrid model came from conversations with employees about how to enable them to do their best work. Our leadership team champions the importance of a truly flexible workplace that better suits both our people and our business.

  • We are active

    At R/GA, our people drive our culture, and we place high value on what they have to say. We foster trusting relationships through listening sessions that encourage creativity and lead to better solutions, both in our work and how we work together.

  • We value equity,
    diversity, and

    As champions of equity, diversity, and inclusion, we believe in making room for important conversations. We want to make sure R/GA is a place where everyone can succeed, wherever they are working from, regardless of background or identity.

7 things that guide
how we do what we do

  • 1

    We're always
    80% finished

    R/GA is constantly changing, contantly envolving.
    This is both a necessity of your business and an ongoing opportunity for you to bring your imagination and talent to the work. Get ready to iterate and rethink often. And don't be afraid of little chaos.

  • 2

    We're here to learn...
    and unlearn

    Learning new things is essential to everyone's role, as is unlearning biases that get in the way of creating inspirational, culturally relevant work and building a truly equitable culture.

  • 3

    One R/GA,
    countless allies

    More than an a collection of offices, R/GA is a network of people who can make your work better and help you grow professionally. Go ahead, reach outside your department, your city, even your country, to find help and share ideas.

  • 4

    Creativity is
    everyone's job

    We're all accountable for reaching the same goal: breakthrough creative work. But if we think and operate in silos, we'll never get there. Focus on your contributions, yes, but also on how they fit within the bigger picture. And look for ways to push the work forward even when your part is ”done".

  • 5

    Innovation happens
    at intersections

    We're at our best when diverse voices and disciplines intersect. Innovation often happens when people with disparate perspectives come together as a team. Look for these intersections, and cultivate relationships that make them possible.

  • 6

    What if...?

    We're in the business of making an impact. We solve big problems and add value to people's lives. That takes smart ideas and creativity. But first, it requires curiosity and ambition. Start by assuming whatever you're trying to achieve is possible. Then figure it out.

  • 7


    The best ideas, and ways of working are simple. Complexity is the enemy, whether it is a dense slide or a call with 40 people. Look at the work, and the process, with an eye toward less: shorter copy, smaller decks, fewer meetings.

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