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In 2020, Bariloche, a prominent tourist destination in Patagonia, faced a critical challenge due to the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown in Argentina. With the closure of bars and restaurants, the city's thriving craft brewery industry was at risk, jeopardizing 42% of Bariloche's employment.

To address this, Patagonia Brewing Company collaborated with local competitors—craft breweries Konna, Lowther, and Van Titter—to transform barrels of expiring beer into Comunal, a gin with an innovative and collaborative spirit. We played a crucial role in the creation of Comunal Gin, designing the product, brand, and logo from scratch.

This initiative not only prevented waste but also led to remarkable success, with Comunal Gin selling out its initial 12,000 units in just one month, generating $1.65 million in sales on Craft Society's e-commerce site.

  • Brand & Product Strategy

  • Brand Identity & Naming

  • Packaging Design

  • Launching Campaign

  • Social Content


PR Impressions


Positive sentiment on social media


Bottles sold out in a month


Sales in the 1st month through the e-commerce


Of the local industry represented

"It might be a limited edition, like the label says, but what we did will be with us forever"

Ezequiel Ratti Patagonia Brewmaster

"This project brought a smile to our faces in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis."

Guillermo Perticara Konna Brewmaster

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