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As a Senior Talent Manager, you will work closely with the APAC Talent Director to drive the One APAC vision and play an integral role in supporting the office in project casting, staffing and curating the right talent for each project. You will lead the maximising and optimising of internal resources efficiently and will actively work with the Talent Management team on collaboration opportunities.

You will also facilitate collaborative opportunities to help provide talent growth, curate the right teams and advise on staffing trends.

You will be required to understand the skillsets of the individual talents in your office.



  • To lead office Workload meeting and be the main point of contact for staffing of projects
  • Work with leads on capacity planning and long term staff forecasting
  • Partner up with business and discipline leads on strategic staffing initiatives
  • Find ways to increase efficiency or improve talent-related processes and share recommendations to leadership
  • Implement proactive rotation strategies and support retention and recognition efforts for office
  • Report on utilization results and other staffing metrics for the office and call out trends/concerns to leadership team
  • Manage open position list for office
  • Prioritize positions for recruitment based on existing business cases or with confirmation of investment approval
  • Collaborate with Talent Partner regarding updates on internal landscape and changes to open position needs (both freelance and full time)
  • Partner up with finance to understand revenue forecast and client margins to get ahead of staffing needs or capacity
  • Partner up with Talent Partner on talent assessments, ensuring the recognition of top performers and addressing performance issues
  • Thoroughly understand talents skillsets to make the right staffing recommendations
  • Collaborate with the rest of the Talent Management Team to appropriately share needs and availability
  • Manage freelance engagements for office including freelancers cost approval, extension and departure
  • Help onboard new staff and freelance hires
  • Keeping track on FTE hiring and start date



  • Drive and facilitate collaboration opportunities
  • Maximize office utilization
  • Optimize and maximize resources to keep freelancer engagement low
  • Establish good casting and staffing process
  • Proactive forecasting of talents gaps
  • Good partnership across offices and staff from all levels within the office
  • Bilingual in Japanese and English