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Senior Growth Strategist, Sydney Introduction to R/GA & the role

Support the client acquisition & product strategy with SEO & organic search expertise. We want to grow client KPIs by influencing their product, content, and tech stack.

SEO is increasingly an acquisition channel clients depend more on. But it’s also a rich source of consumer behavior understanding, so we’re looking for somebody who can partner with our clients leveraging classic SEO strategies, and reshape understanding of their vertical through search behavior.

This role provides career opportunities to grow in SEO seniority, but also into wider growth, product & content pathways.

Role in detail

-  Be the point person for search engine-related clarifications for internal and external stakeholders of blue-chip, multinational companies

-  Being the bridge between search engines and all other specialists (experience designers, copywriters, product managers, C-suite stakeholders)

-  Supporting client product strategies with primarily search data, but also client industry data & trends

-  Collaborating across designers (UX, visual) as well as copywriters to craft winning content & conversions that relate to business goals.

-  Collaborating with data analysts & developers to optimise the site for search engine access, understanding & optimal customer experience.

-  Step outside the “SEO tribe” and relate to greater product / marketing stakeholder needs, without losing core content & technical SEO competencies.

On any given day you might

●  Assessing the ways SEO can support or lead projects (product launches, PR campaigns, improving customer experience) to shift KPIs, but also influence product and service offerings

●  Monitoring the client’s site health, identifying opportunities for growth beyond organic channels

●  Working with product managers, client services, & design teams to identify initiatives that will

have a positive impact on organic traffic & conversions

●  Accurately scope projects for the data team. In addition, experience in developing Statements of


●  Present insights & explain difficult concepts with confidence and ‘tell a story’.

●  Deliver domain knowledge & experience in working directly with a wide range of internal &

external stakeholders.

●  Investigating B2B & B2C customer needs relying primarily on organic search intent, using a

whole spectrum of tools, from user and market research to data analytics, to create an informed

understanding of the customer, their contexts and their cultures.

●  Assessing the competitive landscape while understanding patterns and trends

●  Producing keyword research, mapping, content gaps, client-friendly presentations that have well-visualised data from search.

●  Using technical, content & authority insights to identify opportunities for client to improve KPIs The ideal person

●  Has superior communication & presentation skills

●  Is passionate about product strategy, customer acquisition, customer experience & psychology

●  Can easily communicate in both technical & business language

●  Can translate complex technical language into business impacts

●  Thinks & communicates beyond traditional SEO “tribal” language by expressing SEO insights

through the lens of customer behavior & business needs

●  Is deeply curious and always compelled to get to the ‘why’ by challenging status quo

●  Is a proactive and resourceful problem solver. Thinks of SEO activity as tools to be selected to

solve problems, rather than fixed processes.

●  Is comfortable working autonomously, prioritising and managing time with feedback and

discussion from other team members

●  Has worked across multinational brands and overseen digital SEO execution & oversight for

multi-country brand websites

You bring


●  4+ years experience in an SEO role

●  Superior communication skills; in presenting & explaining complicated topics

●  A proven communicator who is comfortable with leading a room

●  An impeccable attention to detail

●  Enthusiastic, solution-focused attitude, with a passion to find the best outcome for all projects

●  Demonstrate productivity & initiative and being adaptable

●  Demonstrate measurable positive impact on past SEO strategies crafted & implemented

●  Demonstrate experience in owning the SEO strategy & reporting of websites

●  Experience working with at least 3 of the following: , SEMrush, Brightedge, MOZ, MOZ-STAT,

Screaming Frog, ahrefs, Google Search Console

●  Experience working with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, Google Datastudio

●  A high proficiency in Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint (or equivalent)

●  Ability to manage projects in a fast-paced environment, working with multiple clients and

departments under tight-deadlines

●  Work collaboratively with other analysts and departments


●  Experience collaborating across non-SEO disciplines

●  A good of basic user / customer experience principles

●  Experience with technical SEO fundamentals to work with developers & content managers regarding search engine crawling & indexing

●  A focus on user psychology & searcher-intent-first SEO approach & experience

●  Keen to balance creativity with detail when communicating work

●  Keen to build a t-shaped set of core digital competencies


No-matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, follow in faith, disability (or superpower) status, ethnicity or the gender you identify with (please do tell us your pronouns), you're welcome at R/GA. If you have any requests or requirements to support you throughout any interview process, please do let us know.