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We’re looking for a Copy Lead to lead our systematic and editorial work. 

As a Copy Lead, your main job will consist of building and establishing the discipline inside our Stories Department.

Reporting to R/GA’s Head of Story, you will be in charge of creating the frameworks and tools that serve the editorial and systematic needs of our clients. You will also be a hands-on writer, responsible for delivering the best long-form and short-form copy with a contagious dedication to craft.

At R/GA, we expect everyone to think digitally and understand the systems in which our brands interact with their audiences. Think about how people are using new technology, from mobile devices to virtual assistants, and the new ways people relate to our brands. An interest in the structure and flow of apps and digital platforms is a must.

You’ll need to manage your own time and writing while staying in sync with the rest of your team. 

You’ll also be working with people who aren’t writers but are amazing thinkers: visual designers, technologists, experience designers, strategists and producers.

You’ll have responsibilities with clients – presenting, listening, delivering. Therefore, we want you to have an informed opinion on the work you create. 



  • Create the frameworks and tools to systematise and elevate the discipline inside the agency.
  • Work closely with creative teams, including other copywriters, interaction designers, art directors, programmers and more.
  • Must know which witch is which. And that “I” comes before “E” except after “C”.
  • Write compelling and clean long-form website copy as well as effective headlines, taglines and calls to action.
  • Be comfortable writing in multiple styles for multiple brands, across multiple formats. 
  • Work with account managers and strategists to make sure the work is on-brand and strategically sound.
  • Meet with and present work to clients of all levels, from junior brand managers to senior marketing clients.



  • 7-10 years experience in advertising agencies, branding consultancies and/or media publishers.
  • Passion for craft, ambition to own the discipline and contribute to the development of the Stories department inside the agency. 
  • The ability to juggle multiple projects/tasks without losing your head.
  • Stay fresh. The right words have the power to make our work sing.
  • Collaborative and resilient spirit to work in a highly-paced environment.


Remote / Hybrid Options

Offering a remote or hybrid contract to anyone across the UK or Europe – please reach out for more information.

No-matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, follow in faith, disability (or superpower) status, ethnicity or the gender you identify with (please do tell us your pronouns), you're welcome at R/GA. If you have any requests or requirements to support you throughout any interview process, please do let us know!