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Technology is woven into all of R/GA’s offerings, from consulting to marketing innovation, to product and service co-creation and R/GA Ventures. The department operates as a horizontal across the R/GA global network, affording clients and partners scale and flexibility in tapping into diverse talent. The department is broadly focused on software solutions, from mobile and web apps to advanced analytics and machine learning, to marketing and commerce platforms, across both B2B and B2C channels. 

As a Senior Front-End Developer at R/GA, your role is to build web sites and web applications using html, css, Javascript and multiple frameworks. You collaborate with UX and creatives to make their designs come to life while maintaining speed, usability and performance in balance. Your success is measured by how well software projects are delivered, how well they perform and how well you partnered with peers.

Here’s what you should know if you want to be a Senior Developer at R/GA:


On any given day you might

  • Hand-code responsive web sites and web applications
  • Create templates using (html/css/js) that are reusable and integrated to headless CMS solutions
  • Integrate code with other technologies (REST Web Services, CMS, 3rd party APIs, etc.)
  • Collaborate with designers to build interactive web experiences
  • Follow established development processes, and help establish best practices
  • Use build tools like Gulp or Webpack to streamline development tasks

The Ideal Person

  • Experience with frontend technologies (HTML, CSS and JS)
  • Experience developing with vanilla JS
  • Knowledge of JS frameworks like Angular, React or Vue
  • Knows the latest trends and technologies, and is passionate about creating websites and immersive experiences
  • Understands semantic HTML, SEO and Accessibility
  • Knowledge of MVC and other design patterns
  • Has experience with source control such as Git and code reviews / git flow
  • Experience integrating with REST services and 3rd party APIs using AJAX / JSONp
  • Familiarity with CMS platforms like: Contentful, Wordpress, Drupal or similar.
  • Experience implementing responsive and adaptive web sites
  • Familiarity with Python, Flask, AppEngine, nodejs and typescript

You bring

  • 5+ years’ experience
  • Experience working on marketing sites
  • Experience with static site generators (JAMstack, 11ty, Middleman, Jekyll)
  • Advanced level of English